Jeremiah’s Ranch is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to creating a
community environment for adults with developmental disabilities.

One of the families in this endeavor is Lenila and Brent Batali on 
behalf of their daughter, Tiana.
Tiana, 20 years old, has moderate autism.

Lenila has been a driving force to ensure the completion of this mission.
This special home will be located in Fallbrook, California.
The need is to have peace of mind as we look into our child’s future.
Their future, includes in part, good, safe housing as they become adults
Our goal is for our children to live as independently as possible as they reach their fullest potential.



Lenila founded and is director of JR Support Group in Fallbrook, CA . 
Once a month she supervises a support group for families
with special needs which includes a speaker,

experienced mentors for the kids, and a catered dinner. 

She also runs a weekly support group, Frappe Friday,
where parents meet once a week at a local coffee shop
for about an hour to offer mutual emotional support. 

More information can be found on www.jeremiahsranch.org.

Lenila is a certified Special Needs Quality of Life Coach
and a member of the American Dance Therapy Association.
She coaches high functioning people with their art businesses
and teaches dance class to the local special needs population. 



Portions of all Designs by Lenila proceeds are donated to Jeremiah's Ranch.

Thank you for your support!